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In Jonah: The Reluctant Prophet, Erica takes us on a journey over land and sea, in the footsteps of the Bible’s most recalcitrant prophet. Melding traditional commentators, rabbinic literature, modern biblical scholarship, psychological sensitivity, and artistic imagination, Brown travels through the four chapters of Jonah’s story − tracing his call to leadership, his subsequent intransigence, his momentary rise to duty and his tragic resignation − in an effort to discover God’s ultimate lesson for him.

Erica provides us with a glimpse into the tormented soul of the prophet as he grapples with the notion of a forgiving God who is concerned even with the welfare of Israel’s strongest adversary. As God struggles to teach His prophet to expand his vision and take up his divine mission, we come to understand the Divine call given to each of us to rise up to the possibility of greatness. After all, if God can change His plan, we can change as well.

Weekly Jewish Wisdom

Sept 14, 2017

The Highs and Lows of the Days of Awe

Please turn towards their suffering, not towards their sins.
— Selichot

Some call this period the High Holidays. Yet a lot of this period is spent in the lows, not the highs. We question the year behind us and the year ahead. We struggle with our frailty and our wrongdoing. We find ourselves at moments expected and unexpected gobsmacked by our inadequacies, open, vulnerable and broken. We reflect on relationships that have soured, ways in which we have not mustered the capacity to ask for forgiveness or truly accept it from others. The doldrums of repentance make us small and humble. There’s not a lot of height if the High Holidays are doing their work well.

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